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Your Omaha Junk Removal Service Provider



[email protected]


We Chunk Your Junk   

Hectors junk removal is omahas neighborhood junk removal service 

we do not discriminate anyones situation!

give us a call at 402-979-5963 we offer free quotes all year around and offer same and next day services 

Monday-Sunday 6am-8pm

Prices on Common Items 

Any Size TV Removal $45

Couch Removal $60

Sectional Sofa $90

Treadmill Removal $60

Mattress Removal $60

Box Spring $45

Trampoline Removal $120

Mini Fridge $45

Fridge Removal $50

Oversized Fridge $75

 Dresser $45

Any TV Stand $50

Grill $45

Pool Removal $75

Average Kitchen Table Removal $50

Swing Set Removal $50-120

Wood Fence Removal $180

                               The more items you have the better deal we give to you!