Who is the Owner 

Hector Emilio Avila 

Hector is a 18 Year Old that has been in the construction business for 2 years and has had knowledge in the Field since he was a Freshman in High School at Omaha Central High School.Throughout those years Hector Gained alot of experience in the Scrapping and Hauling Business. At Hernandez Drywall Construction removing Drywall and Metal Frame .As of January 1, 2018 Hector Started Hectors Junk Removal and is using the skills and experience he has at a young age to help those in need of  Junk Removal Services. He knows what it is like to work in all types of weather conditions such as Snow,Heat,Humitity,Wind,Fog,Rain and the list goes on but Hector Manages to still be out there helping you with your needs.